[Adam Haight Sells Homes] New Admin Email Address

Howdy bhrugesh, You recently requested to have the administration email address on your site changed. If this is correct, please click on the following link to change it: https://www.livesudbury.ca/wp-admin/options.php?adminhash=3e17b16ce26f1ac05442a7df2ff89a6a You can safely ignore and delete this email if you do not want to take this action. This email has been sent to adam@remaxcrown.ca Regards, All […]

which sudbury road are you?


With the snow now melted, and the <ahem> wonderful Sudbury roads now exposed, it got me thinking, are our roads so legendary that they actually have their own personalities? My answer…yes, yes they do. So go ahead and try this fun (and completely accurate) quiz below, and find out just which Sudbury road you are […]

4 Pandemic Inspired Patio Hacks

With the thermometer rising to double digits here in Northern Ontario over the past few days, it’s left me totally pumped for the upcoming patio season. Yes, it’s been a long enough winter with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us to stay inside for more time then we’d probably want. But with the Spring and Summer […]

How to “Spring Clean Green” in Sudbury

It’s that time of year again. Snow has started to melt and left a wonderful mess of dirt, dead grass, dust, and dog crap for all to see. But there’s still something magical about this time of year isn’t there? Rebirth, renewal, growth, and the dreaded Spring Cleaning. While traditional cleaners do the job just […]

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