Virtual Showings.

Life is busy. Take some extra time for yourself. View any listed property, at any time, wearing whatever you want (seriously). 

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When the market gets competitive, every minute counts. Viewing the property before other buyers gives you more time to make a decision, set up financing, pre-inspect the home, and make sure this is the right property for you.

Night view of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada


One of the hardest parts of relocating to a new city is finding time to travel to house shop. My Virtual Showings provide authentic video footage, detailed analysis, and honest opinions to help you make  your house hunting trips to your new city as efficient as possible. 

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GEt lazy busy.

Sometimes life gets a little hectic…maybe you’re on vacation, or busy at work, or your kids have after school activities…or maybe you just want a”pyjama day”. Don’t let that stop you from finding the house of your dreams.