Which Sudbury Road Are You?

With construction season well underway, it got me thinking about Sudbury roads. Being born and raised in this amazing city, I’ve come to realize that our roads are often a topic of conversation. While many cities have neat, uniformed streets forming perfect rectangles, and named systematically, a Sudburian may look at a map of our […]

How to Create The Ultimate Home Buying Wish List for Sudbury.

No matter if your planning on buying your first home or you’ve moved more times than you can count, making a wish list is something I strongly encourage all of my clients to do. It helps you stay focussed, organized, and gives you the advantage of knowing the house that fits you best as soon […]

5 Sudbury Dishes That Scream Summer.

The warmer months are (eventually) coming, and along with it – patio season. What better place to enjoy a cold beverage, good company, and an incredible meal prepared by one of our dozens of stellar local restaurants. Now, as much as a warm bowl of chili works for those frosty January evenings, it’s just not […]

6 Often Overlooked Home Staging Hacks

Whether you’re thinking of listing your home (I know a guy by the way), or just getting it in tip-top shape for the warmer months, staging provides a great opportunity to inexpensively increase the appeal (and value) of your home. When homeowners think of staging, they’re probably remembering their favourite HGTV show where truckloads of […]

How to “Spring Clean Green” in Sudbury

It’s that time of year again. Snow has melted and left a wonderful mess of dirt, dead grass, dust, and dog crap for all to see. But there’s still something magical about this time of year isn’t there? Rebirth, renewal, growth, and the dreaded Spring Cleaning. While traditional cleaners do the job just fine, there […]

Ranking the Best Months to List Your Home in Sudbury

So you live in Sudbury (good choice by the way) ..and you have a house to sell (even better), but you’re wondering when the best time of the year to list your home is. Well, some may not have the luxury of deciding. Work, family, and other circumstances may force your hand as to when […]