I am Adam Haight, a forward thinking Realtor® serving Greater Sudbury.

core values.

These are the foundation blocks that my real estate business is built on.


Respond to every client request like it's the most important thing on their mind. It probably is.


Help weave the fabric of a stronger Sudbury.


Keep doing what you love, while never becoming stagnant.


Nothing can happen without those who choose you.


I provide responsive, honest, and innovative experiences to every type of home-seeker.

Virtual Showings.

Life is busy…with work, kids, fitness goals, and your social life, who has time to shortlist homes? With virtual showings, take the stress out of your schedule, and enjoy real, honest analysis of any listed home, at any time, from anywhere.

Nothing Held Back.

Every detail on listed properties displayed beautifully across your devices, without having to give your email, social media profile, or a DNA test.

Sudbury Savvy.

Buying a great home in the wrong area isn’t cool. Learn about the people and the lifestyle of each of our unique areas, so you end up exactly where you were meant to be. 


I offer uniquely creative property marketing using premium photography, immersive video, and legendary social media.

The Blueprint.

After selling hundreds of homes (and just as many happy clients) I’ve nailed down a steadfast formula for getting the job done. Spoiler Alert: It’s step 4 that sets me apart. 

Renaissance Man.

Stunning photography, immersive video, and legendary social media, all crafted by yours truly. No third-parties here – just one spectacular unified message, designed to paint the perfect portrait of your home.


Which Sudbury Road Are You?

With construction season well underway, it got me thinking about Sudbury roads. Being born and raised in this amazing city, I’ve come to realize that…